- Just Make, and Share

We all have some our own projects or scripts build for our specific needs. While these works are privately customized, it seems a pity to keep them hidden away. We long to share them with the world so that others may benefit, yet we may shy away from the commitment of ongoing open-source maintenance; moreover, as personal extensions of our unique creativity, we may wish to retain certain rights rather than fully open sourcing it.

Now, you have a new option: simply include a link to this website in your project's README, and anyone can clearly understand the philosophy behind your project. This approach not only allows your creativity to be shared but also preserves certain rights you hold over your work. Your creativity, defined by you; your code, reaching a broader horizon.

Key Points


The author assumes no responsibility for any issues that may arise from the use of this project or scripts. All users assume all risks associated with the use of the scripts.

Users should understand that the project is provided 'as is' without any express or implied warranties. The author does not warrant its correctness, reliability, or suitability for all environments or scenarios.

The author is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages resulting from the use or reliance on the scripts in the project.

Functionality and Stability Statement

The scripts in this project are designed and written for personal use and do not guarantee complete functionality or robustness.

Features may be incomplete or only applicable to specific cases; users should assess their applicability on their own.

The scripts may not be thoroughly tested and there is no guarantee that they will run error-free in all environments.

Documentation and Comments

Scripts may not contain detailed comments or documentation. Simple scripts might have no documentation, and more complex ones may only offer a quick start guide.

Documentation and comments will focus on practicality and do not guarantee comprehensiveness or frequency of updates.

Version Control and Updates

The project may not follow semantic versioning, and may even not have version numbers.

Any updates may introduce breaking changes without prior notice.

Source Code Use and Authorization

While the project's source code is accessible, it does not follow traditional open-source licenses. The source code is for personal learning and non-commercial use only.

Individual users may freely use the scripts or code from the project for non-commercial purposes, but if you choose to publish the modified source code, you must link back to the original project and use the same 'Make for Self' license.

Any individuals or institutions wishing to use the scripts or code from the project for commercialization or profit-making products must contact the author and obtain explicit written authorization beforehand.

Testing and Contributions

The project may not accept contributions (such as Pull Requests) from third parties.

Those who wish to contribute code must first sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

Project Maintenance and Archiving

There is no guarantee of ongoing maintenance or updates for the project.

Should the author no longer use or update these scripts, the project may be archived and will no longer receive any form of updates or maintenance.

Show your project

This section is still in preparation. If you want to display your project here, contact us.